Monday, September 5, 2011

So Sophomore Year Begins

I'm two weeks into Sophomore year, and I've been kept busy 8U But first off, here's my dorm this year, it's on the 5th floor of Ulla Searing Center:

Video tour of my dorm yesss

My classes are Computer Animation for Games I (previously known as 3D for Games), Game Design I, Psychology, Worldwatch (A history/current events class), and Literature of Comics and Graphic Narratives, which I call Lit. of Comics. All of them are pretty awesome as of yet, though I'm hoping Worldwatch will pick up the pace since it's been kind of all over the place 8\ ANYWAYS so in CA for Games we've started in UDK (Unreal Development Kit, the program used to model and make levels), and right now everyone's making their own simple level. It's SO much fun, but also extremely frustrating because the program is so complicated and has a really steep learning curve.

We also started on the main project for CA for Games that lasts the entire semester, the Alley Project. Everyone had to come up with an idea for an alley, find picture references to supplement our idea, do research on everything regarding our idea, make concept art, make a presentation, and pitch it to the class. As a class we voted on the idea we liked most, and that became the environment that we're all going to work on fleshing out and building for the rest of the semester. The one we chose is a colony of people with an Egyptian-like culture who evolved on asteroids in a ring surrounding an uninhabitable planet (due to toxic gases). So we're going to be building these space Egyptian's cities on asteroids, which is pretty awesome haha. EXCITE.

I started off with a ton of ideas for the project, but my final idea I went with was that different native tribes in the jungles of New Guinea got into territory battles, so the tribes started building their towns on top of these tall sandstone pillars that're connected with hanging bridges.

Each town is pretty small since they all fit right on top, and they have the feel of a Mayan-influenced culture. The towns are segregated by class, with the poorer people having to build their homes into the cliff-face. Hunter-gatherers travel down to the jungle floor to gather food for the tribe by using Pterodactyloids (that they're in a symbiotic relationship with) and steering by using the crests on their heads, and then feeding them when they're done. A giant sandstone arch shields some of the pedestals built under it, while the marketplaces are on pedestals farther from the arch so they get sunlight for longer. Here's the concept art I did for it, of one of the upper-class pillars:
September 2011

Lastly, I'll be starting a couple web-comics for another project where we chose one new thing to teach ourselves/try, and stick with it the rest of the semester, keeping a blog on it regularly updated. I've been wanting to start a web-comic forever, I'm so happy ;v; I'll post up a link once the comic blog is made!

From now on I'll still post here, but it'll be more general stuff like sketches and big finished projects. If you want to read about any of my game art/art projects for school, I'll be frequently updating on this blog:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sketch Dump + Sauron

Here's a bunch of sketches from my sketchbook over the 2010-2011 school year (lol, tiny thumbnail):

May 23rd, 2011

Plus a quick doodle of Sauron with GLaDOS c8
May 30th, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer Vacation

SO updating more frequently didn't quite work out when the last few weeks suddenly got really busy |D But I'm out now! School finished a couple days ago and I'm back in San Diego 8) This is the first summer I'm actually staying home and not going away on vacation, so I have a WHOLE lot of plans and things to do including a Rammstein concert, Comic-con for 3 days, an Owl City concert, and lots and lots of art and videogames yessss. I'm glad to be on vacation, but I miss Ringling and all my peoples already 8( I can't wait to be a sophomore, SO MUCH EXCITEMENT.

Here's my Toucan jump animation

Some little warm-up sketches

A still life we did a color wash over. The photos are a little blurry because my camera is dying and having problems focusing

My character model sheet for the exaggerated character walk animation for TA 1. I would post the animation except it's just one walk-cycle so it has to loop, and Youtube and Vimeo both won't let it loop without a pause between re-plays 8\

A quick day-and-night color study

Another really quick color study

I'll still be posting arts over the summer, though it probably won't be too frequently. I'll definitely make a sketch-dump for sketchbook pages though! Hope all your summer vacations are awesome! 8)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Class Stuff

Here's my character sheet for Traditional Animation with my final Toucan design, Sauron. He's really friendly and sweet, so don't let the name fool you ;]

A symbolic art-movement based triptych (I chose Art Nouveau) we had to do for Communication Design. It was supposed to be abstract and some kind of ~*graphic design*~ but the assignment made no sense to anyone and was ABSOLUTELY RETARDED so I said pff I'm gonna do what I want and do an illustrative triptych instead of guessing what he wants and making some bs'd abstract crap that I hate doing. I have no regrets, lol. The metaphor is that life is like a flower, and the lanterns in each panel are souls, growing bright before dimming and being snuffed out.

An analogous still life for Color class. It looks so much better in person, but that's partly because it's not really a good photo, plus Blogspot always makes photos really bad quality |D

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nudes, Toucans, and Flour Sacks

From now on I'll try to do more frequent updates with just a few things in each post instead of saving it all up and posting every few months |D

I've been making digital artwork for a long time but always stuck to lines/cartoonyish stuff, even though I've been wanting to try digital painting forever. So I finally did my first real attempt at digital painting in Photoshop. I have A LOT to learn, but it was fun
From March 18th, 2011

A few more quick Toucan sketches I did in class, plus a cockatoo because they're just as adorable qvq

Over spring break the homework in Traditional Animation was to do 100 silhouettes of your animal and experiment with shapes. Here's 100 Toucan shapes, LOL

And here's the flour-sack story animation I finished just before spring break. I'm pretty disappointed though, I want to change everything 8\